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Glastonbury & Street Green Party

Casual Vacancies on Street Parish Council

There will be a by-election for a seat in Street Parish Council, caused by the resignation of Councillor Melanie Reynolds.

The vacancy is in Street South Ward; the poll will take place on Tuesday, 23rd February 2016.  Please note that the Green Party are not standing a candidate in this by-election.

However, two other Street Councillors, Joyce Smith and Bob Smith, have also stepped down from the council.  Their resignation could mean that Street may see another by-election this Spring!

Any West Mendip Green Party members who would like to find out more about how to nominate or be nominated as a candidate for any by-elections that may take place as a result of the resignation of Cllrs Smith, should contact West Mendip Green Party’s Local Party Contact:  Hazel Pegg
01458 831686

Read more about the resignations in the Central Somerset Gazette HERE

For more information about the Street by-election, please click HERE