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Glastonbury elects second Green Mayor!

On Tuesday 10th May 2016, following the successful Mayoralty of Cllr Denise Michell, Cllr Jon Cousins became the second Glastonbury Green Councillor to be elected as Mayor of Glastonbury!

Cllr Cousins was unanimously voted into office by the full Town Council, and said afterwards: “Being elected the 317th Mayor of Glastonbury is something I truly never expected to happen…  It is a huge honour to have this opportunity to serve Glastonbury, and – therefore – it seemed appropriate to have three words added to the ‘Declaration of Acceptance of Office’ before I would agree to say/sign it…  They are: ‘and serve Glastonbury’ – I don’t expect any future Mayors will remove them!

Glastonbury's 317th Mayor, Green Councillor Jon Cousins with: (left to right) Macebearer Gary Day, Town Clerk Jane Czornij, Mayoress Lucia Forge, the Mayor, Macebearer Gary Knight, Town Crier David Greenway.

Glastonbury’s 317th Mayor, Green Councillor Jon Cousins with: (left to right) Macebearer Gary Day, Town Clerk Jane Czornij, Mayoress Lucia Forge, the Mayor, Macebearer Gary Knight, Town Crier David Greenway.

The new Green Mayor was inaugurated on Sunday 22nd May during the Mayor’s Sunday Civic Service at Glastonbury’s St. John the Baptist Church.

Press coverage:

New Mayor of Glastonbury hopes to make the town proud

New Mayor of Glastonbury officially welcomed into role

PCC results: “a platform to build for future successes!”

Chris Briton by Charlotte

Thank you to the 23,414 people who voted Chris Briton for PCC.

Chris – who received a fantastic vote in Bristol and in Mendip – came sixth overall, only 15 votes behind the LibDem…!

Interviewed by the press, Chris said: “I see today as a platform to build for future successes. I have been hearing repeated calls of Green votes, which is fantastic news, as it shows we are continuing to raise our profile.”

Sue Mountstevens has been re-elected as Avon and Somerset’s Police and Crime Commissioner.
An Independent candidate, she received a total of 118,547 votes after the stage two count was completed.

Second was Labour’s Kerry Barker with 100,565 votes.

The totalled ‘first choice’ results were:
1) Mountstevens (Ind) – 82,708
2) Barker (Labour) – 75,538
3) Weston (Con) – 61,335
4) Foot (UKIP) – 28,038
5) Crossley (LibDem) – 23,429
6) Briton (Green) – 23,414
7) Phillips (Ind) – 22,667

The Bristol ‘first choice’ results:
1) Barker (Labour) – 47,356
2) Mountstevens (Ind) – 31,394
3) Weston (Con) – 19,201
4) Briton (Green) – 14,578
5) Crossley (LibDem) – 8,970
6) Foot (UKIP) – 8,959
7) Phillips (Ind) – 5,370

The Mendip District ‘first choice’ results:
1) Mountstevens (Ind) – 5,190
2) Weston (Con) – 4,235
3) Barker (Labour) – 2,332
4) Briton (Green) – 1,727
5) Foot (UKIP) – 1,566
6) Phillips (Ind) – 1,503
7) Crossley (LibDem) – 1,459

Full details of the count can be found HERE

The official Avon & Somerset PCC Election’s website is HERE

Photo of Chris Briton © Charlie Pritchard-Williams, used by permission:

South West Greener In

On 23 June, the UK goes to the polls to make a big decision: whether or not to remain a member of the European Union.

Greens believe that we must work together to address our greatest challenges, such as limiting climate change, stopping international tax avoidance and securing our future peace and security. It is essential that we make the case for the environment in this referendum campaign – as the establishment parties will not make it, because they are in hock to their corporate and wealthy individual funders.

We need your help so that the Green Party can make the responsible case for the UK remaining a constructive part of a Greener Europe, and to help us elect more great Green Councillors across the South West, like those featured in this short film.

Please donate what you can. here:

Any surplus funds raised and not used for the Greener In referendum campaign will be split equally between the South West’s 2019 European Parliamentary election campaign fund and Green Party South West’s day-to-day budget for supporting Green Party activity in the South West.

Glastonbury St. Ben’s By-election Results

Glastonbury & Street Green Party would like to thank all those members and supporters who voted for Rik Cook in the Glastonbury St. Benedict’s By-election – it was a close run thing!

245 votes = Bill Knight, Conservative [elected]
235 votes = Rik Cook, Green
120 votes = Karen Genge, LibDem
one spoilt paper

Just 10 votes in it…

Rik’s comment on the night: “Well that was close!” going on to say, “thank you to all who promoted and helped out with the whole campaign; thank you for all your hard work.

The St. Ben’s election was called after Green Town Councillor Paul Sander-Jackson was forced to resign due to ill health.

The loss of the Green seat to the Conservatives means that Glastonbury’s Town Council moves from ‘Green minority control’ to ‘no overall control’.

Following the by-election, Glastonbury Council’s members are:
Green Party = 6 seats
Conservatives = 6 seats
Liberal Democrats = 3 seats
Independent = 1 seat

Rik Cook's by-election leaflet page 1

Rik Cook’s by-election leaflet page 1

Rik Cook's by-election leaflet page 2

Rik Cook’s by-election leaflet page 2