Sep 16

Council in communications revolution shock!

Since their election in May 2015, Glastonbury’s Green Councillors have been exploring how to improve communications between Glastonbury Town Council and the local residents – championing the development of a “two-way street”, where information flows from the council to the community, and – perhaps more importantly – information flows from the community to the council... !

This revolutionary concept has taken some time to be accepted by some of the ‘other’ councillors, who could not (cannot) see the merit in improving the Town Council’s website; adding feedback forms, providing access via the web to all the minutes of all the committees, producing press releases about the council's actions, or... engaging in social media... !

Newly elected Green Councillors quickly established Facebook 'open groups' for each of the town's four wards, administered by the local ward councillors.

These groups were not embraced by all the Town Councillors, but they did begin to provide a way for Facebook users to directly raise issues and state their concerns - and the groups have proved very effective.

Glastonbury Town Council press release header.

Glastonbury Town Council press release header.

The first formal initiative proposed by the Greens was to convene a Communications Committee following each Full Council meeting, to prepare official press releases about the work of the council.  This has taken a bit of time to ‘bed-in’, but is now a regular feature on the Town Council’s monthly agenda.

However, the real coup has been the agreement – at long last – for Glastonbury Town Council to officially enter the 21st century, and join Facebook!

Glastonbury Neighbourhood Project Facebook Page.

Glastonbury Neighbourhood Project Facebook Page.

We are delighted to announce the creation of official Facebook Pages for:

Glastonbury Town Council

Glastonbury Neighbourhood Plan

...and the formal adoption by the Council of the four Ward Groups!

St. Benedict’s Ward

St. Edmund’s Ward

St. John’s Ward

St. Mary’s Ward

Next stop... Twitter !

Sep 16

Neighbourhood Plan is launched!

Share your thoughts on Glastonbury’s future development (including St Dunstan’s House).
 GNP Banner2

Come and visit the exhibition at Glastonbury Town Hall on
Friday 14th October 6 pm – 9 pm and
Saturday 15th October 9.30 am – 2 pm

Refreshments available.

Glastonbury Neighbourhood Plan
Our Town – Our Community – Our Plan

Sep 16

Community invited to ‘Have Your Say’!

13th September 2016, Green Mayor invites Glastonbury’s community to ‘Have Your Say’ to the PCC.

13th September 2016, Green Mayor invites Glastonbury’s community to ‘Have Your Say’ to the PCC.

Dear Glastonbury community,
I have made arrangements to meet with Sue Mountstevens (the Police and Crime Commissioner for our area) in October – and would like to know what issues you feel should be raised with her about policing and crime in Glastonbury.
If you would like to share your thoughts and concerns, please send me an e-mail to jonfcousins@hotmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Cllr Jon Cousins
Mayor of Glastonbury

Glastonbury Council, St. Edmund’s Ward
Town Hall, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury,
Somerset. BA6 9EL