Glastonbury & Street Green Party


The Green Party isn’t just another political party.  Green politics is a new and radical kind of politics guided by Core Values.

We believe that:
A system based on inequality and exploitation is threatening the future of the planet on which we depend, and encouraging reckless and environmentally damaging consumerism.

A world based on cooperation and democracy would prioritise the many, not the few, and would not risk the planet’s future with environmental destruction and unsustainable consumption.

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Green Councillors photographed in 2015. Back row, left to right: Alyson Black [Glastonbury], Chris Briton [as Mayor of Wells], and Jon Cousins [Glastonbury]. Front row, left to right: Lindsay MacDougall [Glastonbury], Denise Michell [Glastonbury], and Emma George [Glastonbury].

The Glastonbury & Street Green Party covers some of the Wells and some of the Somerton & Frome Parliamentary Constituencies.  We have Town Councillors in Glastonbury.
In East Mendip there are three Green District and two Green County Councillors representing Frome at Mendip District and Somerset County Councils respectively.

We also have a Green MEP in the South West: Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott Cato MEP Find out more on Molly’s web site HERE. Follow her on Twitter And Facebook

Current Officers of the Glastonbury & Street Green Party are:

Denise Michell – Co-ordinator

Mary Phillips – Election Agent and Local Nominating Officer for Local Government Elections

Christine Prior – Local Party Contact & Membership Secretary

Mary Phillips – Treasurer

Paul Crummay* – Election Agent and Local Nominating Officer for the Wells Constituency 01749 670193 / 07918 731137

* N.B. Paul is a member of the Mendip Hills Green Party.

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