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Glastonbury & Street Green Party

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County Council Candidates

The Green Party have launched their Mendip District campaign for the Somerset County Council Election, with more seats contested than ever before – and candidates personally endorsed by Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MP.

Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas MP.

The Green Party’s leader said: “Voting Green gives you the chance to elect councillors who will fight your corner, and stand up for your interests.  We know that Greens can win in Frome and in Glastonbury & Street – and that by doing so and working with other parties we can make a huge difference.  So if you want councillors to work tirelessly for your community please vote Green on 4th May.

Green Party spokesperson, Mendip District Councillor Shane Collins said “Our candidates provide an opportunity for voters to oppose the cuts, defend services, protect green spaces, and our environment.  Through working with our three Mendip District Council Councillors and our many Parish and Town Councillors, the Green Party can ensure Mendip’s towns remain vibrant.

Green County Council candidates for Frome, L-R: John Clarke, Martin Dimery, and Pepita Collins.

On 20th April, there will be a free public meeting at the Cheese And Grain, Frome, where Independents for Frome Town Councillors Peter Macfadyen, Mel Usher, and Jean Boulton will join the Green Party’s District Councillors Shane Collins, Des Harris, and Stina Falle, and the Green’s County candidates to discuss ‘How Frome can thrive as a green town in Somerset’.

Jon Cousins, Green SCC candidate Glastonbury & Street.

In Glastonbury & Street, the Greens have selected hard-working Town Councillor and Mayor of Glastonbury Jon Cousins as their candidate, who said he was honoured to have been chosen, adding: “For years the Tories have taken their hold of Somerset for granted.  But with the County Council £22million in debt, and Children’s Services in ‘special measures’ following the 2013 and 2015 Ofsted inspections – judging the overall effectiveness of arrangements for the protection of children ‘inadequate’ – we need to send a message that their complacency is not good enough.  The Greens can win in Glastonbury & Street.  We are a voice for real change, and represent real opposition to the disastrous Tory cuts in Somerset.

The Greens are standing nine candidates across the Mendip District, including: Jon Cousins in Glastonbury & Street, John Clarke, Martin Dimery, and Pepita Collins in Frome, Peter Harlow in Shepton Mallet, David Hine in Mendip Hills, Paul Crummay in Wells, Jono Ekin in Mendip Central & East, and Theo Simon in Mendip South.

Theo Simon, Green SCC candidate Mendip South.

The election takes place on Thursday 4th May, and polling stations will be open from 7 am to 10 pm.

Time for CHANGE

Can there be any residents who were not shocked and dismayed when Somerset County Council’s £22m overspend was revealed in September 2016? This disgraceful situation is compounded by opposition County Councillors saying the County could even declare itself bankrupt by the end of the financial year in April 2017!

The state of the County Council’s (in)capacity to manage its affairs is surely reflected in the level of service and protection it provides to families and children – with Children’s Services in ‘special measures’ following the 2013 and 2015 Ofsted inspections judging the overall effectiveness of arrangements for the protection of children “inadequate”.

If this were not enough, for many of us, there are daily reminders of the cuts implemented by Somerset in their attempt to claw back on budgets; perhaps the most immediate being the impact of the recent cuts and changes to the County’s bus services… and, what a shambles that has been!

Shouldn’t we be embarrassed to watch the current administration – seemingly incapable of keeping to their decisions; with one eye on the County Council elections in May – scrabbling around to find emergency funding to help cover the costs of the 67 service following the outcry from residents of Wookey Hole, Wells, and Burnham-On-Sea when the service was initially cut?

WebberBus in Burnham-on-Sea by Geof Sheppard – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The County Council says it spends around £1.6m subsidising bus services across the county, but the huge pressure on all its budgets means it cannot afford to continue to fully support the services we need. Here in Street and Glastonbury, with so many of us reliant on the bus service, we’ve witnessed upheaval and several changes over the past year to the 29, 54, (3)75 and the (3)77 – with the withdrawal of the 55, following the collapse of WebberBus.

Glastonbury’s Mayor, and frequent bus user, Cllr. Jon Cousins recently commented: “Due to recent cuts the bus service on Sundays and Bank Holidays is limited or non-existent on some routes. There’s no bus service to and from Taunton at any time on Sundays! Evening services have also been reduced. In addition, it seems as though Wells Bus Station has now become the default destination if travelling to Street or Glastonbury from Bristol, Bath, or Shepton Mallet.

Adding: “It sometimes feels that I’m the only Councillor in Somerset who ever catches the bus. Indeed, I’ve never seen a fellow Councillor on any the services I’ve used in the last 15 years… The fact that Councillors don’t use public transport must certainly account for the reason why there’s no direct bus service from Glastonbury to our nearest train station at Castle Cary!

One thing is for sure, if those Councillors responsible for determining the bus subsidies actually had to rely on public transport to travel around, then we’d have a best bus service in the UK!

The loss of bus services affects access to a whole range of other services. According to a recently published report*, 51% of households in smaller rural areas do not have access to a regular bus service – and Government cuts are forcing councils like Somerset to slash spending on services by more than £27m, which impacts hardest on the young, elderly, and disabled people.

Glastonbury and Street Green Party understand that the bus service is absolutely vital for many people, and we believe it is time for a change. Be it simple improvements, such as clear, easy to understand, up-to-date information on local services being available at all bus stops or common sense approaches, for example – more bus stops with seating and shelter, or making it policy that local transport users must be fully involved in decisions on service levels. And surely, it should be expected that there would be provision of regular bus service to most villages and towns from their nearest station…

– – – –

If you would like to see a real change on Somerset County Council, then vote for the Green Party candidate in the County Council elections on Thursday, 4th May 2017.

– – – –

* Rural England Report: ‘State Of Rural Services’ [17th January 2017].

PCC results: “a platform to build for future successes!”

Chris Briton by Charlotte

Thank you to the 23,414 people who voted Chris Briton for PCC.

Chris – who received a fantastic vote in Bristol and in Mendip – came sixth overall, only 15 votes behind the LibDem…!

Interviewed by the press, Chris said: “I see today as a platform to build for future successes. I have been hearing repeated calls of Green votes, which is fantastic news, as it shows we are continuing to raise our profile.”

Sue Mountstevens has been re-elected as Avon and Somerset’s Police and Crime Commissioner.
An Independent candidate, she received a total of 118,547 votes after the stage two count was completed.

Second was Labour’s Kerry Barker with 100,565 votes.

The totalled ‘first choice’ results were:
1) Mountstevens (Ind) – 82,708
2) Barker (Labour) – 75,538
3) Weston (Con) – 61,335
4) Foot (UKIP) – 28,038
5) Crossley (LibDem) – 23,429
6) Briton (Green) – 23,414
7) Phillips (Ind) – 22,667

The Bristol ‘first choice’ results:
1) Barker (Labour) – 47,356
2) Mountstevens (Ind) – 31,394
3) Weston (Con) – 19,201
4) Briton (Green) – 14,578
5) Crossley (LibDem) – 8,970
6) Foot (UKIP) – 8,959
7) Phillips (Ind) – 5,370

The Mendip District ‘first choice’ results:
1) Mountstevens (Ind) – 5,190
2) Weston (Con) – 4,235
3) Barker (Labour) – 2,332
4) Briton (Green) – 1,727
5) Foot (UKIP) – 1,566
6) Phillips (Ind) – 1,503
7) Crossley (LibDem) – 1,459

Full details of the count can be found HERE

The official Avon & Somerset PCC Election’s website is HERE

Photo of Chris Briton © Charlie Pritchard-Williams, used by permission: www.charlottephotography.co.uk

Glastonbury St. Ben’s By-election Results

Glastonbury & Street Green Party would like to thank all those members and supporters who voted for Rik Cook in the Glastonbury St. Benedict’s By-election – it was a close run thing!

245 votes = Bill Knight, Conservative [elected]
235 votes = Rik Cook, Green
120 votes = Karen Genge, LibDem
one spoilt paper

Just 10 votes in it…

Rik’s comment on the night: “Well that was close!” going on to say, “thank you to all who promoted and helped out with the whole campaign; thank you for all your hard work.

The St. Ben’s election was called after Green Town Councillor Paul Sander-Jackson was forced to resign due to ill health.

The loss of the Green seat to the Conservatives means that Glastonbury’s Town Council moves from ‘Green minority control’ to ‘no overall control’.

Following the by-election, Glastonbury Council’s members are:
Green Party = 6 seats
Conservatives = 6 seats
Liberal Democrats = 3 seats
Independent = 1 seat

Rik Cook's by-election leaflet page 1

Rik Cook’s by-election leaflet page 1

Rik Cook's by-election leaflet page 2

Rik Cook’s by-election leaflet page 2

Rik Cook for St. Ben’s By-election!

The candidates have been announced for the Glastonbury St. Benedict’s ward by-election, which will take place on Thursday, 5th May 2016.

Glastonbury Green Party have selected Rik Cook as their candidate for the seat, which fell vacant earlier this year after Green Councillor Paul Sander-Jackson was forced to resign due to ill health.

St Ben's by-election Rik Cook and Mayor Denise Michell

Rik Cook with Glastonbury’s Mayor, Cllr Denise Michell at last year’s ‘Mayor’s Sunday’ celebration.

Rik is a local businessman who has lived in the St. Benedict’s ward for 25 years.  He is a single father, living with his daughter Hazel and their dog Ziggy.

For more than 20 years Rik worked in the Licensed trade in Glastonbury; first at The Market House and then at Tor Leisure, and has a great deal of experience supporting community ventures and dealing with Glastonbury Town Council on planning and licensing applications.

In 2010 he set up his own successful small business as a specialist painter and decorator, using eco-friendly paints and plasters to restore and refurbish traditional properties.

Rik helped establish a number of ongoing  community run events, including the Riders in the Sky Annual Ride Out, the Medieval Fayre, and the Glastonbury Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.  He also used sponsorship and promotion to build positive relationships with the town’s more traditional local clubs and associations such as Sea, Air, and Army Cadets, Skittles, Pool, Darts Leagues, local photography, Chess clubs, as well as local Rugby and  Football clubs, and pub cricket leagues.

Interviewed recently, Rik said, “I know the issues that concern St. Benedict’s residents, and understand the task we face as a community. These are difficult times and we’re facing many challenges, but I believe these can be overcome if we work together. I would be honoured to continue working for the community, as your representative on Glastonbury Town Council.”

St Ben's by-election nominations as published by Mendip District Council on Thursday 7th April

St Ben’s by-election nominations as published by Mendip District Council on Thursday 7th April

Green PCC Crowdfunder Success!

Congratulations to Chris Briton and to all those who have supported the successful Crowdfunder, which raised the £5k deposit required for Chris to stand as the Green Party candidate in the Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election on Thursday 5th May. Well Done!

They Did IT

The PCC election will take place on the same day as many local elections across the UK, including the Bristol City Council elections and the Glastonbury St. Benedict’s by-election.  More information about the PCC election can be found HERE.

In response to the recent displays of ‘playground politics’ in the House of Commons, the Green Party has produced an Election Party Broadcast to support the PCC and local election candidates – declaring “It’s time for grown up politics!”


Chris Briton selected as Green PCC Candidate

We are delighted to announce that former Green Mayor of Wells, and City Councillor Chris Briton has been selected as the Green Party candidate for the up-and-coming Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner election on Thursday, 5th May 2016.

We need to raise a staggering £5000 (!) in order for Chris to be able to stand… which, in Chris’s own words is “an outrageously huge sum of money, and only allows rich individuals or wealthier parties to contest the election… In my view that’s undemocratic!

If you would like to support Chris, please visit our Crowdfunder page HERE

St. Mary’s By-election Results

Thank you everyone who come along to Glastonbury Town Hall on Thursday, February 11th 2016, and voted for Paul Lund – the Green Party candidate in the by-election. #VOTEPAUL2016

The result for the Glastonbury St. Mary’s By-election is as follows:
BROWNE, Laiqa (LibDem) 147
LUND, Paul (Green) 201
NAPPER, Terry (Con) 253 [E]
RATCLIFFE, Jane (Lab) 50

We will all be disappointed that Paul was not elected; however, Green supporters can take some consolation in the fact that we came second in the poll – easily beating both the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

The result means that the Green Party remain in minority-control of Glastonbury Council, with the number of Councillors elected from each party as follows:
CONS = 5

The Glastonbury GREEN – By-election Special !

Green ByElection News lowres final-1

Green ByElection News lowres final-2

Green ByElection News lowres final-3

Green ByElection News lowres final-4


#VOTEPAUL2016 – St. Mary’s By-election update

The Glastonbury St. Mary’s By-election will take place on Thursday, 11th February.  The Polling Station is at Glastonbury Town Hall; it will be open from 7 am to 10 pm.

Your Green Candidate is Paul Lund; the prospective eighth Glastonbury Green Town Councillor – his election giving the Greens a working majority; ensuring that we can continue to improve the way Glastonbury is governed; to make Glastonbury a strong participatory democracy, with more community involvement and engagement.

Paul Lund and Green Party leader Natalie Bennett. Photo by Jason Bryant

Paul Lund and Green Party leader Natalie Bennett. Photo by Jason Bryant

Green canvassing is well underway, with local party members drumming up support across the ward. Door knocking is a key part of the process, as we are keen to listen to resident’s concerns, ideas, and thoughts about the future.

One of the things that residents have been telling our canvassers is how they’re particularly impressed that Paul is the only local standing for election – living as he does in the St. Mary’s Ward, on Glastonbury’s Redlands Estate – and, as a result, they know Paul is familiar with many of the important issues that they feel strongly about.

Local Green Party members canvassing in St. Mary’s for the by-election on the 11th February. Left to Right: Tor Webster, Chris Walford, Oliver Dowding, Cllr Emma George, Green Candidate Paul Lund, Penny Collins, and Cllr Alyson Black

Local Green Party members canvassing in St. Mary’s for the by-election on the 11th February. Left to Right: Tor Webster, Chris Walford, Oliver Dowding, Cllr Emma George, Green Candidate Paul Lund, Penny Collins, and Cllr Alyson Black

Paul’s background is as a social entrepreneur and environmentalist; he is the founding director of The Sustainable Environment Company CIC. He is also a seasoned radio producer, and the director of the Glastonbury Festival Sound Archive.

A green activist and campaigner, Paul is an energetic member of our community, and – over the years – he has been involved as a volunteer in many of the Town Council’s projects.

Paul shows Natalie Bennett Glastonbury’s Environmental Charter in Glastonbury Town Hall. Photo by Ewan Jones

Paul shows Natalie Bennett Glastonbury’s Environmental Charter in Glastonbury Town Hall. Photo by Ewan Jones

In 2012, Paul was responsible for the creation of the Council’s pioneering ‘Charter for the Environment’.

In 2015, he played a major role in the successful campaign to revive Glastonbury’s Fairtrade Town status.

He is a key member of the Council’s Promoting Glastonbury Committee, and earlier this year made history by becoming the first non-councillor to hold the office of Deputy-chair for a Town Council Committee.

And if that wasn’t enough, Paul is currently developing Glastonbury’s new Tourism Strategy…

Paul with Green MEP Molly Scott Cato and Natalie Bennett

Paul with Green MEP Molly Scott Cato and Natalie Bennett

All these things he does in a voluntary capacity; for the love of Glastonbury – no wonder our South West MEP Molly Scott Cato said: “Paul is just what Glastonbury needs!

That is why we have chosen Paul Lund as the Green candidate for this crucial by-election.

Glastonbury is of national interest; and the Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett came to our town to officially announce Paul’s selection – saying, “I have great pleasure in introducing Paul Lund; we have a fantastic Green councillor group here in Glastonbury – let’s strengthen it”.

With your support, we can; let’s Vote For Real Change! #VOTEPAUL2016

Vote For Real Change

Some important information concerning Polling Day, 11th February 2016

On Polling Day, the last time a re-issue of spoilt or lost postal vote can happen is at 5 pm;
The deadline for emergency proxy applications is at 5 pm;
Last time to alter the Register of Electors (the ‘Electoral Roll’), due to clerical error or court appeal is at 9 pm.

Promoted by Jon Cousins, West Mendip Green Party on behalf of Paul Lund both at 3 Hood Close, Redlands, Glastonbury, Somerset. BA6 8ES