Jan 19

Come and Stand with Us on 2nd May – A Call for Green Candidates

Have you got that burning sense of injustice and would like to channel it on the front line of debate? …then please come and stand with us!

There are many ways in which you can help get your voice heard:

  • if you are not a member already? Please join Glastonbury & Street Green Party
  • already a member! Why not stand for the Green Party – on Thursday, 2nd May 2019 – in the up-and-coming District, Town, and Parish elections?
  • volunteer with us – distributing leaflets, staffing our stalls, helping us at events!

In Glastonbury, there are 16 seats on the Town Council, and we already have more Town Council candidates confirmed than any of the other parties! However, we want 16 GSGP members to stand; ‘a full slate’ – which proved a winning strategy last time.

Find out more, please contact Christine Prior – Local Party Contact & Membership Secretary, e-mail: members@gsgp.org.uk

Apr 16

Rik Cook for St. Ben's By-election!

The candidates have been announced for the Glastonbury St. Benedict’s ward by-election, which will take place on Thursday, 5th May 2016.

Glastonbury Green Party have selected Rik Cook as their candidate for the seat, which fell vacant earlier this year after Green Councillor Paul Sander-Jackson was forced to resign due to ill health.

St Ben's by-election Rik Cook and Mayor Denise Michell

Rik Cook with Glastonbury's Mayor, Cllr Denise Michell at last year's 'Mayor's Sunday' celebration.

Rik is a local businessman who has lived in the St. Benedict’s ward for 25 years.  He is a single father, living with his daughter Hazel and their dog Ziggy.

For more than 20 years Rik worked in the Licensed trade in Glastonbury; first at The Market House and then at Tor Leisure, and has a great deal of experience supporting community ventures and dealing with Glastonbury Town Council on planning and licensing applications.

In 2010 he set up his own successful small business as a specialist painter and decorator, using eco-friendly paints and plasters to restore and refurbish traditional properties.

Rik helped establish a number of ongoing  community run events, including the Riders in the Sky Annual Ride Out, the Medieval Fayre, and the Glastonbury Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.  He also used sponsorship and promotion to build positive relationships with the town’s more traditional local clubs and associations such as Sea, Air, and Army Cadets, Skittles, Pool, Darts Leagues, local photography, Chess clubs, as well as local Rugby and  Football clubs, and pub cricket leagues.

Interviewed recently, Rik said, "I know the issues that concern St. Benedict’s residents, and understand the task we face as a community. These are difficult times and we’re facing many challenges, but I believe these can be overcome if we work together. I would be honoured to continue working for the community, as your representative on Glastonbury Town Council."

St Ben's by-election nominations as published by Mendip District Council on Thursday 7th April

St Ben's by-election nominations as published by Mendip District Council on Thursday 7th April

Feb 16

Natalie’s visit to Glastonbury [part three]

Natalie Bennett’s visit to Glastonbury on 26th January, saw the Green Party leader meeting with members of the Last Bank Standing Campaign; listening to residents on Chilkwell Street and Cottle Close – to learn more about ‘Lighten the Load A361’; she also found time to meet some of Glastonbury’s Green Town Councillors, and to visit West Mendip Green Party members and supporters with Paul Lund – the Green Party Candidate in the Glastonbury St. Mary’s By-election (on 11th February).

At Glastonbury Town Hall, Natalie was delighted to meet with Glastonbury’s Green Mayor, Cllr Denise Michell, and Green Deputy Mayor, Cllr Jon Cousins in the historic Council Chamber.

Green Mayor, Green Deputy Mayor, and Green Party Leader by Ewan Jones

Green Mayor, Green Deputy Mayor, and Green Party Leader in Glastonbury's Council Chamber. Photo by Ewan Jones

With the Greens holding minority-control of the Council, Natalie was very interested in the potential of Paul Lund’s election as an eighth Green Councillor (which would give the Greens a working majority), and she talked with Paul about the work he currently does as Deputy Chair of the Council’s Promoting Glastonbury Committee (Paul is the first non-councillor to hold such a position in the Council).

Natalie was also keen to hear about Paul’s pioneering work as the author of the town’s ‘Charter for the Environment’, which was adopted in 2012.

Paul Lund shows Natalie Bennett Glastonbury’s ‘Charter for the Environment’. Photo by Gabriel Avalon

Paul Lund shows Natalie Bennett Glastonbury’s ‘Charter for the Environment’ in Glastonbury Town Hall. Photo by Gabriel Avalon

In the afternoon Natalie and Paul visited Green Party members and supporters on the Redlands Estate, listening to their concerns and thoughts about the future of Glastonbury the A361 petition, the Green’s success at banning the use of the toxic herbicide glyphosate; protecting the town’s green spaces, the renewing of Glastonbury’s Fairtrade Town status, the new Green-led Neighbourhood Plan, and of course the loss of the banks.

Photos by Laura Zaky and Gabriel Avalon.

Photos by Laura Zaky and Gabriel Avalon.

Paul Lund, Green Candidate in the St. Mary’s By-election with Natalie in front of the Draper’s Factory mural. Photo by Gabriel Avalon.

Paul Lund, Green Candidate in the St. Mary’s By-election with Natalie in front of the Draper’s Factory mural. Photo by Gabriel Avalon.

Reflecting on her visit, Natalie said that the threatened closure of the town’s last two banks gave “One more example of our financial sector failing to meet the needs of communities; threatening businesses through lack of access to cash and lost custom.”

To support the Last Bank Standing Campaign, please click HERE.

Natalie’s visit to Glastonbury [part one]

Natalie’s visit to Glastonbury [part two]