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Glastonbury & Street Green Party

Central Somerset Gazette Questions Answered

During the 2015 General Election, the Central Somerset Gazette asked a series of question to all candidates standing to be an MP.  Below are links to responses from Green Candidate Jon Cousins on the following topics.

Older people
Question: What would you think we should be doing to support older people in our communities?

Question: How would you improve the economy and the jobs market in Mid-Somerset?

Young people
Question: How do you think your party meets the needs and challenges of today’s young people?

Improving lives
Question: What single thing do you think would most improve the lives of the people living in the constituency you want to represent over the next five years, and how would you help to achieve it if elected?

Question: How do we keep the lights on?

Nation’s finances
Question: Who or what do you think holds the biggest responsibility for the state of the nation’s finances?

What makes you happy
Question: What makes you happy? What is your pet peeve? And can you tell us something unusual about yourself?

Why should people vote for you?
Question: Why should people vote for you?

jon_cousinsA seasoned community activist, organiser, and green campaigner, Jon Cousins is one of Glastonbury’s Green Town Councillors and was Prospective Green MP for Wells in 2015.