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Glastonbury & Street Green Party


Every week the Central Somerset Gazette put a question to all prospective Parliamentary candidates. Below is the response from Jon Cousins.

Question: How would you improve the economy and the jobs market in Mid-Somerset?

The Green Party would encourage and foster an economy in Mid Somerset that was more co-operative, focusing on the Common Good, improving human well-being and social equity, whilst safeguarding the environment and resources. We believe in an economy that is low waste, resource efficient, and socially inclusive.
As MP, I’d actively seek to:
• revitalise the economy of our rural community, rebuilding natural capital as a critical economic asset.
• increase agricultural employment through better access to land for new entrants and by securing long-term local markets.
• support more Government action to stop the loss of essential facilities like health centres, schools, and post offices.
Practically speaking, I believe in an economy whose growth in income and employment is driven by public and private investments that reduce harmful emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems. Greens would implement this by targeted public expenditure, policy reforms, and regulation changes.
Greens recognise the potential of non-agricultural rural enterprise, including recreation and tourism, renewable energy, home working and internet-linked businesses.
To address the rural housing shortage, we’d keep housing needs under review, supporting schemes to meet these needs in a sustainable, affordable manner.

jon_cousinsJon Cousins

Jon Cousins is one of Glastonbury’s Green Town Councillors, Chair of Glastonbury Town Hall, and Prospective Green MP for Wells. A seasoned community activist, organiser, and green campaigner, he currently works with the co-operative movement in the UK and Europe.