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Glastonbury & Street Green Party

Why should people vote for you?

Every week the Central Somerset Gazette put a question to all prospective Parliamentary candidates. Below is the response from Jon Cousins.

Question: Why should people vote for you?

I represent the only truly democratic party in which, policy is decided by our members, and any leadership decision can be overturned. We are not bankrolled by unaccountable corporate donors.

The Establishment parties say they care about your interests but do not trust you.
They will not commit to an NHS or rail network run by the people.
They will not commit to ending poverty in the UK, which leaves three million children hungry.
They prefer to lie about ‘scroungers’ and deflect from their tax-evading corporate donors who steal the biggest piece of the pie!
They will not commit to a fair economy instead they talk of ‘big societies’ while food bank usage hits one million users!

So, if you say no to fracking, no to Hinkley C and no to TTIP but yes to renewable and yes to trade justice, vote Green! If you say no to tuition fees but yes to free education, vote Green! If you say no to privatisation but yes to public services, vote Green! If you say no to inequality and no to austerity but yes to social justice, vote Green!

Say no to business as usual politics and vote Green on May 7th.


jon_cousinsJon Cousins

Jon Cousins is one of Glastonbury’s Green Town Councillors, Chair of Glastonbury Town Hall, and Prospective Green MP for Wells. A seasoned community activist, organiser, and green campaigner, he currently works with the co-operative movement in the UK and Europe.