Glastonbury & Street Green Party

Young People

Every week the Central Somerset Gazette put a question to all prospective Parliamentary candidates. Below is the response from Jon Cousins.

Question: How do you think your party meets the needs and challenges of today’s young people?

The Green Party is the party of young people; the majority of our members are within the 18-30 age range. From listening to young people, they are struggling with poor employment opportunities, low income, debt, and growing inequality… they’re shouldering the impact of austerity like no other generation.
Greens seek to address these issues by:
1) Creating a fairer society, ensuring that the wealth of our nation is shared;
2) Introducing a living wage now – and a Citizens’ Income later – to raise basic living standards;
3) Removing student tuition fees; re-introducing education maintenance allowances;
4) Building 500,000 new social rented and affordable homes;
5) Capping loan interest rates, so young people are not held to ransom by moneylenders.
Naturally, the future of our planet is of the upmost importance to young people, and the Greens would introduce a range of measures to create a better, safer world – developing renewable energy, decreasing our reliance on non-renewable resources, making businesses take environmental responsibility for the pollution caused by their activities. Greens oppose the ‘business-as-usual’ economic boom-bust cycles, conflict, and wars of the current regime. Believing in a more sustainable, cooperative economy – for the Common Good – protecting our natural environment for future generations.

jon_cousinsJon Cousins

Jon Cousins is one of Glastonbury’s Green Town Councillors, Chair of Glastonbury Town Hall, and Prospective Green MP for Wells. A seasoned community activist, organiser, and green campaigner, he currently works with the co-operative movement in the UK and Europe.