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Green View No.1 ‘Funeral For The Planet’…?


Civic Inauguration of 4th Green Deputy Mayor!

On Sunday, 10th June, Green Councillor Alyson Black was formally inaugurated as the Deputy Mayor of Glastonbury at St. John’s Church.

Deputy Mayor Alyson Black and Escort Linda Little at Glastonbury Town Hall on Mayor’s Sunday, 10th June 2018.

Alyson, who is Chair of Glastonbury’s Fairtrade Town Steering Group, will also become Chair of the Town Council’s Finance and General Purposes Committee as part of her new role. Outside of her work as a Town Councillor, Alyson spends time volunteering for Glastonbury Abbey’s wildlife area and for rescued horses.

Speaking about being Deputy Mayor, Alyson said, “This year, as my focus, I would like to work with the wildlife organisations in our area to protect and develop wildlife sanctuaries, and also Glastonbury’s wildlife corridors – as mentioned in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Volunteers Week Launched by Glastonbury’s new Deputy Mayor

Make a difference to your local community through volunteering” was the message when CSW You Can Do joined Glastonbury’s new, Green, Deputy Mayor Cllr. Alyson Black to celebrate the launch of Volunteers Week 2018 by hosting a Volunteer Fair at Glastonbury Town Hall, on Friday 1st June.

This was Alyson’s first official engagement as Deputy Mayor of Glastonbury, a role in which she will be formally inaugurated on Mayor’s Sunday later this month!

Congratulations Alyson Black, our new Deputy Mayor

Glastonbury & Street Green Party is delighted to announce that Green Councillor Alyson Black was elected Deputy Mayor of Glastonbury with a unanimous vote at last night’s Town Council ‘Mayor Making’ meeting.

Alyson, who has served on Glastonbury Council for the St. Edmund’s Ward since 2011, becomes the town’s fourth Green Deputy Mayor in five years!

Although she is our new Deputy, Alyson is no stranger to Mayoral Engagements because she was the Deputy Mayor’s Escort to Glastonbury’s first Green Deputy Mayor – Cllr. Denise Michell – in 2014/2015.

Alyson’s formal Civic Inauguration will take place at St. John’s Church on Mayor’s Sunday, 10th June.

Association highlights GSGP achievements

The Association of Green Councillors (AGC) has highlighted Glastonbury & Street Green Party’s members in their national review of ‘Green Councillor Achievements – Changing the way councils think 2014-2016’

Glastonbury’s Green Councillors feature at the top of the list of ‘Firsts’ – “celebrating Green solutions are cheaper and better for people”.

Featuring the Green led Town Council’s ban of chemical herbicides – proposed by Cllr Alyson Black in June 2015 – and the Council’s subsequent adoption of non-toxic weed control, the AGC website states:  “Glastonbury Greens managed to implement what is thought to be the country’s first ban on chemical herbicides (for use on council owned areas). They introduced Foamstream, an eco-friendly herbicide as a replacement.”

To find out more please visit the AGC website HERE.

Foamstream, a Green alternative to glyphosate!

In 2015 – following a resolution made by Green Councillors Alyson Black and Emma George – Glastonbury became the first UK Council to ban traditional, chemical herbicides such as glyphosate.  This film looks at the alternative weed-control method that Glastonbury Town Council has chosen: Foamstream.

Glastonbury Town Council’s resolution to ban chemical herbicides and use a plant-based alternative has been used as an example by both Bristol City Council and Shaftesbury Town Council in their moves to change from chemical herbicides to more environmentally friendly solutions; the Green Councillor’s initiative has been praised by literally thousands of people on social media and Glastonbury’s story has featured in articles and publications.

If you would like your Council to ban chemical herbicides – please share and re-post this video.  Let’s show that there is a different way of doing things for the common good!

Town hails weed control after banning chemical from Horticulture Week (29 April 2016).

The Glastonbury GREEN – By-election Special !

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Green ByElection News lowres final-2

Green ByElection News lowres final-3

Green ByElection News lowres final-4


Glastonbury Bans Glyphosate!

‘Weed out the cancer risks’ Glastonbury bans glyphosate - 18th June 2015, Central Somerset Gazette.

‘Weed out the cancer risks’ Glastonbury bans glyphosate – 18th June 2015, Central Somerset Gazette.

Glastonbury Town Council has banned the herbicide glyphosate from being used on all publicly-owned land in the town.

Green Councillor Emma George said “Many Glastonbury residents became concerned about the herbicide following an assessment of its carcinogenicity by the International Agency for Research on Cancer – the specialised cancer agency of the World Health Organization – who classified glyphosate as probably carcinogenic to humans in March 2015”.

Cllr George and fellow Green Cllr Alyson Black have been holding talks with Mendip District Council, the Landscape Group, and Weedingtech – the makers of the non-toxic weed-control ‘Foamstream’ – to look at trialling an alternative approach to glyphosate herbicides.

‘Changing how town tackles weeds’ – glyphosate article – 27th August 2015, Central Somerset Gazette.

‘Changing how town tackles weeds’ – glyphosate article – 27th August 2015, Central Somerset Gazette.