Mar 17

Green Mayor & Deputy Open First Accounts With Last Bank Standing

Green Mayor Jon Cousins and Deputy Mayor Emma George open founding accounts with Nationwide in Glastonbury

When all the High Street Banks deserted Glastonbury, our amazing community got organised and campaigned against the closures; calling for one branch to remain – a ‘Last Bank Standing’.

That call, and all the hard work that went into the flash mobs, petitions, publicity, and protests has been answered.

The Nationwide Building Society moved one step closer to opening their branch this week when Phil Goodridge-Reynolds, the new Nationwide branch manager, helped Glastonbury Mayor Jon Cousins and Deputy Mayor Emma George open the first current accounts in the run up to the branch opening.

Green Mayor, Jon Cousins said, “As Mayor of Glastonbury, I am absolutely delighted to join Deputy Mayor Emma George in opening the founding current accounts with Nationwide’s new Glastonbury branch.”

The Nationwide recently posted: “When the people of Glastonbury asked for a bank, it was a building society that answered and we’re looking forward to opening our new branch in the summer.”

Our new Glastonbury Nationwide will be located at 3 High Street, and work has now begun on designing your branch, which is expected to open by this summer.”

Leading the new Grade II listed Glastonbury branch is Phil Goodridge-Reynolds, branch manager and his newly recruited Customer Representatives; Rachael Butt, Adam Leitch and Sonia Love, who are now ready to accept new customers.

If you’d like to open a current account, you can do so online HERE
You can also book an appointment in Glastonbury Town Hall.
Just call 0800 554 1590 (Monday – Friday 9.30 am – 5 pm, or Saturday 9 am – 3 pm).

Nationwide are also offering Glastonbury residents the chance to share £200 when they recommend one of Nationwide’s current accounts to a friend!  For more information click HERE

Nov 16

Nationwide to open in Glastonbury!

Glastonbury's Green Mayor, Cllr. Jon Cousins announces: “The Nationwide Building Society is opening a new branch in Glastonbury!

Following our community’s high profile Last Bank Standing Campaign earlier this year, the Nationwide Building Society has spent the last three months exploring the viability of opening a new branch in the town – consulting with various stakeholders, holding an on-line poll, and taking part in the Neighbourhood Plan consultation event on 14th and 15th October in the Town Hall.

On 18th November, the Nationwide issued the following statement:

Thank you to the whole Glastonbury community and those who have joined in showing their support for us coming to the town. We’re delighted to announce that Nationwide Building Society will be opening a branch in the heart of Glastonbury next summer with the location to be agreed early next year.

We’ll work closely with the local community to make sure your branch understands the services and facilities that you need. Above all, we want to provide a branch that works for the community and that will lead to local people actively using the service and opening accounts.

There will be lots of opportunity for the town to influence and help shape the branch over the coming months and you’ll be instrumental in its future and success.”

To find out more – visit the Nationwide’s website HERE.


Feb 16

Natalie’s visit to Glastonbury [part three]

Natalie Bennett’s visit to Glastonbury on 26th January, saw the Green Party leader meeting with members of the Last Bank Standing Campaign; listening to residents on Chilkwell Street and Cottle Close – to learn more about ‘Lighten the Load A361’; she also found time to meet some of Glastonbury’s Green Town Councillors, and to visit West Mendip Green Party members and supporters with Paul Lund – the Green Party Candidate in the Glastonbury St. Mary’s By-election (on 11th February).

At Glastonbury Town Hall, Natalie was delighted to meet with Glastonbury’s Green Mayor, Cllr Denise Michell, and Green Deputy Mayor, Cllr Jon Cousins in the historic Council Chamber.

Green Mayor, Green Deputy Mayor, and Green Party Leader by Ewan Jones

Green Mayor, Green Deputy Mayor, and Green Party Leader in Glastonbury's Council Chamber. Photo by Ewan Jones

With the Greens holding minority-control of the Council, Natalie was very interested in the potential of Paul Lund’s election as an eighth Green Councillor (which would give the Greens a working majority), and she talked with Paul about the work he currently does as Deputy Chair of the Council’s Promoting Glastonbury Committee (Paul is the first non-councillor to hold such a position in the Council).

Natalie was also keen to hear about Paul’s pioneering work as the author of the town’s ‘Charter for the Environment’, which was adopted in 2012.

Paul Lund shows Natalie Bennett Glastonbury’s ‘Charter for the Environment’. Photo by Gabriel Avalon

Paul Lund shows Natalie Bennett Glastonbury’s ‘Charter for the Environment’ in Glastonbury Town Hall. Photo by Gabriel Avalon

In the afternoon Natalie and Paul visited Green Party members and supporters on the Redlands Estate, listening to their concerns and thoughts about the future of Glastonbury the A361 petition, the Green’s success at banning the use of the toxic herbicide glyphosate; protecting the town’s green spaces, the renewing of Glastonbury’s Fairtrade Town status, the new Green-led Neighbourhood Plan, and of course the loss of the banks.

Photos by Laura Zaky and Gabriel Avalon.

Photos by Laura Zaky and Gabriel Avalon.

Paul Lund, Green Candidate in the St. Mary’s By-election with Natalie in front of the Draper’s Factory mural. Photo by Gabriel Avalon.

Paul Lund, Green Candidate in the St. Mary’s By-election with Natalie in front of the Draper’s Factory mural. Photo by Gabriel Avalon.

Reflecting on her visit, Natalie said that the threatened closure of the town’s last two banks gave “One more example of our financial sector failing to meet the needs of communities; threatening businesses through lack of access to cash and lost custom.”

To support the Last Bank Standing Campaign, please click HERE.

Natalie’s visit to Glastonbury [part one]

Natalie’s visit to Glastonbury [part two]

Jan 16

Natalie’s visit to Glastonbury [part one]

Natalie’s visit reported in the Central Somerset Gazette, 28th January 2016.

Natalie’s visit reported in the Central Somerset Gazette, 28th January 2016.

Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett visited Glastonbury on 26th January to meet with the Last Bank Standing Campaign.

Natalie’s visit certainly caused a stir, with a collection of photographers, press, and microphones following her in a walk around town, to meet with shop keepers, traders, and businesses; to hear directly how they will be affected by the threatened closure of Glastonbury’s two remaining banks.

Natalie Bennett walks around Glastonbury to hear about the impact of bank closures.

Natalie Bennett walks around Glastonbury to hear about the impact of bank closures. Photo by Laura Zaky.

A Green Man welcomed the Green leader, as Natalie was formally met at Glastonbury Town Hall by the Worshipful Denise Michell, Green Mayor of Glastonbury, her Deputy Cllr Jon Cousins, and key members of the Last Bank Standing Campaign.

Greenman welcomes Green leader - Natalie is formally welcomed by civic dignitaries and Last Bank Standing campaigners .

‘Green Man welcomes Green leader’ - Natalie is formally welcomed by civic dignitaries and Last Bank Standing campaigners. Photo by Ewan Jones.

During the visit, Natalie discussed how being denied access to a bank had social and economic impacts on a community.  She was delighted that Glastonbury’s Green Councillors had taken an active role in the campaign and creative action, saying, “Listening to the High Street’s businesses and traders; talking with people about the situation, Glastonbury clearly needs a bank.”

Natalie at Heaphy’s Café, photo by Laura Zaky.

Natalie at Heaphy’s Café, photo by Laura Zaky.

Natalie listening to businesses and traders during her visit

Natalie listening to businesses and traders during her visit - clockwise from top left: The Goddess and The Green Man, Dilliway & Dilliway, Blue Cedar Print Works, and Glastonbury Post Office. Photos by Laura Zaky.

Natalie’s visit to Glastonbury [part two]

Natalie’s visit to Glastonbury [part three]

Jan 16

Last Bank Standing - Glastonbury Flashmob film

Published on 12th January 2016, the official film of the ‘Last Bank Standing’ Glastonbury Flashmob is now available on YouTube.

Made by local film-maker Kevin Redpath, it was uploaded onto the video-sharing website after receiving its first public screening at January’s meeting of Glastonbury Town Council.

Green Councillor Gabriel Avalon said  “Following the Flashmob, the profile of our campaign has grown massively overnight and Kevin’s film has only just been released!  I have worked closely with Kevin over Christmas ensuring everything fell into place on the day.  It is fair to say no Kevin, no flash mob, no press...   The town is indebted to Kevin for his support and selfless giving.

Kevin's description on YouTube states: “Glastonbury, Somerset is campaigning against the closures of the last two remaining banks in our town.  Here is our spirited version of Jerusalem!  A huge thank you to everyone in Glastonbury who contributed to our Last Bank Standing campaign film – our residents, visitors and all our wonderful businesses.”

Sign the petition at: tinyurl.com/lastbankstanding

The Creative Team:

Beautiful opening vocals from Silver on the Tree:
Dreow Bennett
Oshia Drury
Viv Andreae

Location Sound Recording by the perfectionist:
Paul Lund

Location Photography in all weathers:
Dan Gale
Graham Trott
John Mason
Kevin Redpath
Paul Collins

Location Catering and great coffee:
Dave Kendrick and the Heapheys team

Editor, Sound Mixer, Picture Grader:
Dan Gale, Right Smart Video

Crowd Director and man with Loud Hailer and Louder Shoes:
Councillor Gabriel Avalon

Props Manager and Brue Boy:
Councillor Ian Tucker

The tireless Charles Hazlewood

Vocals and banner holders:
Too many people to thank but every single voice was really appreciated

Friendly local Methodist and very enthusiastic supporter:
Michael Eavis

A film by Kevin Redpath for our town’s Last Bank Standing Campaign

Made with love in Glastonbury, England
January 2016

Jan 16

Flash Mob to keep the Banks in Glastonbury!

Message from Glastonbury Green Councillor Gabriel Avalon:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who was involved in making today’s flash mob in Glastonbury such a success. Even the rain didn’t stop a massive crowd from turning out to show the banks that Glastonbury will not go down quietly.

There are so many people to thank that to do so individually would take all day but I would like to pay special mention to Charles Hazlewood for conducting on the day and for being an all round good egg and getting right behind us.

Also mention goes to Kevin Redpath who even as I write this is working away to create the YouTube video of the weekend and who also rewrote the words that we sung today.

Dave and John and the staff of Heaphys Café who have put up with us taking up his tables while we have had the many meetings needed to organise today. Dave also very kindly supplied the coffee for the videographers and press and TV people at the town hall.

Paul Manning from the Blue Cedar Print room and Jan and Shirley from Fragrant Earth have also given invaluable input and help to make today happen.

And let’s not forget the towns taxi drivers who made such a wonderful end to the day.

And finally thank you the people of this wonderful quirky, unique, town for showing you care and for literally singing in the rain. Thank you all for coming.

This is just the start. We are already working on new and exciting ways to show the banks that we will not be left without banking provision and that the economy of our town will not be broken just because an accountant miles away decides to shave a bit of the running costs of the branches.

Please share this message so that as many as possible can see it



Cllr Gabriel Avalon
St. Benedict’s Ward Councillor
Glastonbury Town Council

Jan 16

Glastonbury’s Greens lead campaign to stop bank closures

Green Councillor Gabriel Avalon contemplates virtual banking...

Green Councillor Gabriel Avalon contemplates virtual banking...

Glastonbury’s Green minority-controlled Council is increasing efforts to stop Glastonbury being left without a bank.

At the end of 2015, following the closure of NatWest and HSBC, it was revealed that both Lloyds and Barclays would close their doors by April, leaving Glastonbury with no banks or ATMs in the centre.

But the community and local businesses have joined with Glastonbury’s councillors in a bid to stop at least one of the banks from closing, and on Saturday 9th January hundreds of people are expected to take part in a flash mob.

Green Councillor Gabriel Avalon, said: “It is going to be a major, major event. A flash mob will take place at midday at the market square and we want everybody to turn up, as many people as possible.  About 30 seconds before midday we will be calling in the taxis who will block the High Street to stop the traffic, then we will migrate on the street.  Flash mobs are known to be very successful – we are hoping to go viral.”

Conductor Charles Hazlewood is expected to be at the event and Cllr Avalon said other celebrities could be joining the crowd, including Glastonbury Festival’s Michael Eavis and Dragons’ Den investor Deborah Meaden!

Following the news of the closures, Glastonbury Council contacted Lloyds and Barclays in the hope one would reconsider, but it has only had a response from Barclays.

Cllr Avalon said: “Representatives from Barclays have attended a meeting at the town hall – we discussed various options. We suggested they would consider a six-month deal for people to show they will support the bank and then they might think it might be worthwhile to stay.  They appeared open to looking at this.  In their opinion, they are closing – but they are approaching these talks with an open mind. We will be meeting with them again.  No other bank has made any contact.”

Cllr Avalon also said that in response to the campaign the Co-op shop was planning to get an ATM cash point installed, but he added that the town centre needs more than one.

The flash mob will be held at midday on Saturday 9th January at the market cross and Cllr Avalon is urging everyone to get involved.

To sign the petition to save one of the banks, visit: www.change.org/p/rt-hon-sajid-javid-mp-last-bank-standing-don-t-let-communities-lose-their-only-bank.

Read more: http://www.centralsomersetgazette.co.uk/Flash-mob-set-held-stop-Glastonbury-banks-closing/story-28462423-detail/story.html#ixzz3wSfaIB8l