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Glastonbury Town Council declares ‘Climate Emergency’

Glastonbury’s Green Councillors are absolutely delighted that – this evening – Glastonbury Town Council declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ and pledged to make the operation of Council carbon neutral by 2030; with cross-party support for the Climate Emergency Motion proposed and seconded by Green Councillors Lindsay MacDougall and Jon Cousins.

Climate Emergency Motion:
In light of the Intergovernmental Panel on Global Warming’s 2018 special report on Climate Change – warning of the dire consequences of a 1.5 degree rise in global temperatures, and highlighting the need for rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society – this Council declares a ‘Climate Emergency’ and will:
1) continue to show foresight and leadership when it comes to addressing the issue of Climate Change, having adopted an Environmental Charter, opposed fracking in the Mendips and throughout the UK, installed solar panels on the Town Hall roof, and banned single use plastics;
2) pledge to make the operation of Glastonbury Town Council carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption emissions.

Come and Stand with Us on 2nd May – A Call for Green Candidates

Have you got that burning sense of injustice and would like to channel it on the front line of debate? …then please come and stand with us!

There are many ways in which you can help get your voice heard:

  • if you are not a member already? Please join Glastonbury & Street Green Party
  • already a member! Why not stand for the Green Party – on Thursday, 2nd May 2019 – in the up-and-coming District, Town, and Parish elections?
  • volunteer with us – distributing leaflets, staffing our stalls, helping us at events!

In Glastonbury, there are 16 seats on the Town Council, and we already have more Town Council candidates confirmed than any of the other parties! However, we want 16 GSGP members to stand; ‘a full slate’ – which proved a winning strategy last time.

Find out more, please contact Christine Prior – Local Party Contact & Membership Secretary, e-mail: members@gsgp.org.uk

Glastonbury elects 3rd Green Mayor!

On Tuesday, 9th May 2017, Cllr. Emma George became the 318th – and third successive Green – Mayor of Glastonbury!

Out-going Mayor, Cllr. Jon Cousins, proposed his Deputy for the position as the final motion of his Mayoralty, telling the assembled Councillors and members of the public:  “It is with great pleasure that I propose Cllr Emma George for election to the role of Mayor of Glastonbury.  I feel that the election of the current Deputy Mayor to the highest office is something that is both seemly and worthy.”

Out-going Mayor, Cllr. Jon Cousins, proposes Cllr. Emma George as his successor.  photo: Claire Herbaux, Central Somerset Gazette.

Seemly because as Deputy Emma has been a great support to me in my year of office.  Joining me on many Civic Occasions, and representing Glaston admirably and capably when I could not.”

Worthy because time and again she has show real leadership and professionalism with regard to the Council’s business.”

May I remind Councillors of how she negotiated favourably with Weedingtech; has worked diligently on helping to develop the Youth Council; has worked closely with the Police and One Team to help address anti-social behaviour in the town; has chaired with great skill the Town Centre Working Group, and supported the various projects and campaigns that have evolved from this forum.”

Her contribution to the Council’s Staffing Committee and as Chair of the Communications Committee reflecting the expertise and experience in these related industries.”

Finally, I would like to say that the role of Mayor demands that we rise above the petty divisions of politics to represent the whole community; to truly encapsulate the role of First Citizen.”

This is something that Emma has fully achieved in her capacity as Deputy Mayor.  And so, without further ado – I recommend that this Council elects Cllr Emma George as the 318th Mayor of Glastonbury.”

Emma’s nomination was seconded by Conservative Councillor Steve Henderson.  There were no other nominations, and Emma was elected Mayor by a unanimous vote.

The new Mayor of Glastonbury reads the ‘Declaration of Acceptance of Office’. photo: Claire Herbaux, Central Somerset Gazette.

In her acceptance speech, she said: “I will make sure to do my best to represent you all.  Jon is a hard act to follow. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”

I know I am heading into this year with great people around me.”

A first for Glastonbury!
Emma’s first act as Mayor was to preside over the election of Liberal Democrats Councillor Denise Abbot as Deputy Mayor; a first for Glastonbury – as the positions of Mayor and Deputy Mayor have never been held by two women during one Mayoralty before!

Cllrs. Emma George and Denise Abbott enthroned as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Glastonbury. The first time that two women have sat at the top of table in the Council Chamber! photo: Claire Herbaux, Central Somerset Gazette.

As the third Green Mayor of Glastonbury, Emma follows Cllrs. Jon Cousins (2016-17) and Denise Michell (2015-16); a major achievement for the Green Party’s members and supporters in the South West.

Lighten the Load A361

Glastonbury’s Green Councillors fully support the Lighten the Load campaign – please add your signature to petition HERE.

Recent petition update:
Happy New Year from Glastonbury! Finally a long awaited update from Lighten the Load A361. [3 Jan 2016]

Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Well are now in the top 5 on Tripadvisor, out of 383 attractions in Somerset! Both attractions are accessed from the perilously narrow A361.  But Somerset County Council refuses to re-route HGVs from Glastonbury’s Tourist Trail.

It is not too late to: SHARE THIS PETITION and COMPLAIN TO THE COUNCIL using the link below.

Please read on.

As I write, the ever increasing HGV traffic is shattering the peace of this ancient place of pilgrimage, endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands walking the narrow pavements. We continue to suffer broken sleep, stress and pollution while we watch accommodation businesses fold.

Complaints are vital, not least because County has recently claimed that – traffic has NOT increased – in spite of all experience to the contrary! – they will NOT fund traffic surveys, decibel, pollution and vibration testing for Glastonbury. The leaders of Highways have repeatedly failed to meet with Glastonbury Town Council.  With cramped fingers they hold on to the status quo, praying we will give up and go away.

Remember your last walk along the A361 for the Tor footpath with your friends/family/small children/dog on lead. Recall the thunder, the fumes, the high pitched noise of HGV engines, the lack of safe crossing places, the proximity of the traffic to your body on that 2 foot pavement.  The sleepless nights in homes or B&Bs along this route…  Recall trying to engage in ‘quiet reflection’ at the Chalice Well Gardens, ‘World Peace Gardens’ (alas not so peaceful).

Click on the link, scroll down to ‘Complaints’ and tell SCC about your experience – request they re-route HGVs away from Glastonbury’s Tourist Trail.


N.B We now have 6000+ combined paper and online signatures.  The A361 committee (set up by the Town Council in response to this campaign) has been working away quietly, building our case in support of the petition.  Date of petition handover to Somerset County still TBC


If you would like to contact Lighten the Load, please email: solutions@lightentheloadglastonbury.co.uk