Jan 19

Come and Stand with Us on 2nd May – A Call for Green Candidates

Have you got that burning sense of injustice and would like to channel it on the front line of debate? …then please come and stand with us!

There are many ways in which you can help get your voice heard:

  • if you are not a member already? Please join Glastonbury & Street Green Party
  • already a member! Why not stand for the Green Party – on Thursday, 2nd May 2019 – in the up-and-coming District, Town, and Parish elections?
  • volunteer with us – distributing leaflets, staffing our stalls, helping us at events!

In Glastonbury, there are 16 seats on the Town Council, and we already have more Town Council candidates confirmed than any of the other parties! However, we want 16 GSGP members to stand; ‘a full slate’ – which proved a winning strategy last time.

Find out more, please contact Christine Prior – Local Party Contact & Membership Secretary, e-mail: members@gsgp.org.uk

Jan 16

Casual Vacancies on Street Parish Council

There will be a by-election for a seat in Street Parish Council, caused by the resignation of Councillor Melanie Reynolds.

The vacancy is in Street South Ward; the poll will take place on Tuesday, 23rd February 2016.  Please note that the Green Party are not standing a candidate in this by-election.

However, two other Street Councillors, Joyce Smith and Bob Smith, have also stepped down from the council.  Their resignation could mean that Street may see another by-election this Spring!

Any West Mendip Green Party members who would like to find out more about how to nominate or be nominated as a candidate for any by-elections that may take place as a result of the resignation of Cllrs Smith, should contact West Mendip Green Party's Local Party Contact:  Hazel Pegg
01458 831686

Read more about the resignations in the Central Somerset Gazette HERE

For more information about the Street by-election, please click HERE