Nov 15

Glastonbury is the “the mega-node” for the Holy Grail!

Glastonbury's Green Councillors have taken an active role in ‘The Grail Project’, which seeks to develop and promote a new pan-European spiritual and cultural tourism route based on the legend of the Holy Grail.

‘EU experts on trail of Grail in effort to boost tourism’ - 5th November 2015, Central Somerset Gazette.

The route endeavours to combine and number tourism d

estinations linked by an association with the Grail outlined in a set of stories myths and legends.

The project is sponsored by the EU Enterprise and Industry Directorate General (Directorate E – Service Industries).

Of all the European Holy places and sacred sites involved, only one is connected to all traditions: Glastonbury...

We are “the mega-node!” according to Professor Fidgeon...

Find out more information about The Grail Project here.