May 16

PCC results: “a platform to build for future successes!”

Chris Briton by Charlotte

Thank you to the 23,414 people who voted Chris Briton for PCC.

Chris – who received a fantastic vote in Bristol and in Mendip – came sixth overall, only 15 votes behind the LibDem...!

Interviewed by the press, Chris said: “I see today as a platform to build for future successes. I have been hearing repeated calls of Green votes, which is fantastic news, as it shows we are continuing to raise our profile.”

Sue Mountstevens has been re-elected as Avon and Somerset’s Police and Crime Commissioner.
An Independent candidate, she received a total of 118,547 votes after the stage two count was completed.

Second was Labour’s Kerry Barker with 100,565 votes.

The totalled ‘first choice’ results were:
1) Mountstevens (Ind) – 82,708
2) Barker (Labour) – 75,538
3) Weston (Con) – 61,335
4) Foot (UKIP) – 28,038
5) Crossley (LibDem) – 23,429
6) Briton (Green) – 23,414
7) Phillips (Ind) – 22,667

The Bristol ‘first choice’ results:
1) Barker (Labour) – 47,356
2) Mountstevens (Ind) – 31,394
3) Weston (Con) – 19,201
4) Briton (Green) – 14,578
5) Crossley (LibDem) – 8,970
6) Foot (UKIP) – 8,959
7) Phillips (Ind) – 5,370

The Mendip District ‘first choice’ results:
1) Mountstevens (Ind) – 5,190
2) Weston (Con) – 4,235
3) Barker (Labour) – 2,332
4) Briton (Green) – 1,727
5) Foot (UKIP) – 1,566
6) Phillips (Ind) – 1,503
7) Crossley (LibDem) – 1,459

Full details of the count can be found HERE

The official Avon & Somerset PCC Election's website is HERE

Photo of Chris Briton © Charlie Pritchard-Williams, used by permission: www.charlottephotography.co.uk

May 16

Glastonbury St. Ben's By-election Results

Glastonbury & Street Green Party would like to thank all those members and supporters who voted for Rik Cook in the Glastonbury St. Benedict’s By-election – it was a close run thing!

245 votes = Bill Knight, Conservative [elected]
235 votes = Rik Cook, Green
120 votes = Karen Genge, LibDem
one spoilt paper

Just 10 votes in it...

Rik’s comment on the night: “Well that was close!” going on to say, “thank you to all who promoted and helped out with the whole campaign; thank you for all your hard work.

The St. Ben's election was called after Green Town Councillor Paul Sander-Jackson was forced to resign due to ill health.

The loss of the Green seat to the Conservatives means that Glastonbury's Town Council moves from ‘Green minority control’ to ‘no overall control’.

Following the by-election, Glastonbury Council's members are:
Green Party = 6 seats
Conservatives = 6 seats
Liberal Democrats = 3 seats
Independent = 1 seat

Rik Cook's by-election leaflet page 1

Rik Cook's by-election leaflet page 1

Rik Cook's by-election leaflet page 2

Rik Cook's by-election leaflet page 2

Apr 16

Rik Cook for St. Ben's By-election!

The candidates have been announced for the Glastonbury St. Benedict’s ward by-election, which will take place on Thursday, 5th May 2016.

Glastonbury Green Party have selected Rik Cook as their candidate for the seat, which fell vacant earlier this year after Green Councillor Paul Sander-Jackson was forced to resign due to ill health.

St Ben's by-election Rik Cook and Mayor Denise Michell

Rik Cook with Glastonbury's Mayor, Cllr Denise Michell at last year's 'Mayor's Sunday' celebration.

Rik is a local businessman who has lived in the St. Benedict’s ward for 25 years.  He is a single father, living with his daughter Hazel and their dog Ziggy.

For more than 20 years Rik worked in the Licensed trade in Glastonbury; first at The Market House and then at Tor Leisure, and has a great deal of experience supporting community ventures and dealing with Glastonbury Town Council on planning and licensing applications.

In 2010 he set up his own successful small business as a specialist painter and decorator, using eco-friendly paints and plasters to restore and refurbish traditional properties.

Rik helped establish a number of ongoing  community run events, including the Riders in the Sky Annual Ride Out, the Medieval Fayre, and the Glastonbury Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.  He also used sponsorship and promotion to build positive relationships with the town’s more traditional local clubs and associations such as Sea, Air, and Army Cadets, Skittles, Pool, Darts Leagues, local photography, Chess clubs, as well as local Rugby and  Football clubs, and pub cricket leagues.

Interviewed recently, Rik said, "I know the issues that concern St. Benedict’s residents, and understand the task we face as a community. These are difficult times and we’re facing many challenges, but I believe these can be overcome if we work together. I would be honoured to continue working for the community, as your representative on Glastonbury Town Council."

St Ben's by-election nominations as published by Mendip District Council on Thursday 7th April

St Ben's by-election nominations as published by Mendip District Council on Thursday 7th April

Apr 16

Green PCC Crowdfunder Success!

Congratulations to Chris Briton and to all those who have supported the successful Crowdfunder, which raised the £5k deposit required for Chris to stand as the Green Party candidate in the Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election on Thursday 5th May. Well Done!

They Did IT

The PCC election will take place on the same day as many local elections across the UK, including the Bristol City Council elections and the Glastonbury St. Benedict's by-election.  More information about the PCC election can be found HERE.

In response to the recent displays of 'playground politics' in the House of Commons, the Green Party has produced an Election Party Broadcast to support the PCC and local election candidates - declaring "It’s time for grown up politics!"


Feb 16

St. Mary's By-election Results

Thank you everyone who come along to Glastonbury Town Hall on Thursday, February 11th 2016, and voted for Paul Lund – the Green Party candidate in the by-election. #VOTEPAUL2016

The result for the Glastonbury St. Mary’s By-election is as follows:
BROWNE, Laiqa (LibDem) 147
LUND, Paul (Green) 201
NAPPER, Terry (Con) 253 [E]
RATCLIFFE, Jane (Lab) 50

We will all be disappointed that Paul was not elected; however, Green supporters can take some consolation in the fact that we came second in the poll – easily beating both the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

The result means that the Green Party remain in minority-control of Glastonbury Council, with the number of Councillors elected from each party as follows:
CONS = 5