May 21

PCC Candidate Cleo Lake Visits Glastonbury!

GSGP members were delighted to welcome the Green Party candidate for the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner election – Cleo Lake – to Glastonbury today.

Cleo meets Harry and some of the GSGP team who have been canvassing over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Cleo met-up with Harry Wood, our Green candidate for the St. Ben's By-election and walked around town; meeting residents and listening to the issues that concern local people.

In a post from later that day, Cleo stated: “An inspiring visit to meet fellow Green Party friends and colleagues, residents and by-election candidate Harry Wood in Glastonbury today. Outstanding examples of Greens getting things done!”

We say: #VoteGreen #VoteCleo #VoteHarryWood on Thursday 6th May!

Find out more about Cleo's campaign HERE.

May 16

PCC results: “a platform to build for future successes!”

Chris Briton by Charlotte

Thank you to the 23,414 people who voted Chris Briton for PCC.

Chris – who received a fantastic vote in Bristol and in Mendip – came sixth overall, only 15 votes behind the LibDem...!

Interviewed by the press, Chris said: “I see today as a platform to build for future successes. I have been hearing repeated calls of Green votes, which is fantastic news, as it shows we are continuing to raise our profile.”

Sue Mountstevens has been re-elected as Avon and Somerset’s Police and Crime Commissioner.
An Independent candidate, she received a total of 118,547 votes after the stage two count was completed.

Second was Labour’s Kerry Barker with 100,565 votes.

The totalled ‘first choice’ results were:
1) Mountstevens (Ind) – 82,708
2) Barker (Labour) – 75,538
3) Weston (Con) – 61,335
4) Foot (UKIP) – 28,038
5) Crossley (LibDem) – 23,429
6) Briton (Green) – 23,414
7) Phillips (Ind) – 22,667

The Bristol ‘first choice’ results:
1) Barker (Labour) – 47,356
2) Mountstevens (Ind) – 31,394
3) Weston (Con) – 19,201
4) Briton (Green) – 14,578
5) Crossley (LibDem) – 8,970
6) Foot (UKIP) – 8,959
7) Phillips (Ind) – 5,370

The Mendip District ‘first choice’ results:
1) Mountstevens (Ind) – 5,190
2) Weston (Con) – 4,235
3) Barker (Labour) – 2,332
4) Briton (Green) – 1,727
5) Foot (UKIP) – 1,566
6) Phillips (Ind) – 1,503
7) Crossley (LibDem) – 1,459

Full details of the count can be found HERE

The official Avon & Somerset PCC Election's website is HERE

Photo of Chris Briton © Charlie Pritchard-Williams, used by permission: www.charlottephotography.co.uk

Apr 16

Green PCC Crowdfunder Success!

Congratulations to Chris Briton and to all those who have supported the successful Crowdfunder, which raised the £5k deposit required for Chris to stand as the Green Party candidate in the Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election on Thursday 5th May. Well Done!

They Did IT

The PCC election will take place on the same day as many local elections across the UK, including the Bristol City Council elections and the Glastonbury St. Benedict's by-election.  More information about the PCC election can be found HERE.

In response to the recent displays of 'playground politics' in the House of Commons, the Green Party has produced an Election Party Broadcast to support the PCC and local election candidates - declaring "It’s time for grown up politics!"


Mar 16

Chris Briton selected as Green PCC Candidate

We are delighted to announce that former Green Mayor of Wells, and City Councillor Chris Briton has been selected as the Green Party candidate for the up-and-coming Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner election on Thursday, 5th May 2016.

We need to raise a staggering £5000 (!) in order for Chris to be able to stand... which, in Chris’s own words is “an outrageously huge sum of money, and only allows rich individuals or wealthier parties to contest the election… In my view that’s undemocratic!

If you would like to support Chris, please visit our Crowdfunder page HERE